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Saturday, 31 August 2019

West Victoria trip August

West Victoria trip August

We left home Wednesday morning headed east to Lamaroo but place was busy so we headed east to Walpeup but again it was on to Patchewollock where we set up in the continuous rain and wind
Thursday the weather still was crap..sitting in the middle of the old school oval in such a and night

Friday morning had enough so moved on to Green Lake ...only on arrival to find our fav spot taken so we set up by the lake...on power
Saturday it was still very wet and windy...I been collecting fallen branches for fire ...but it's just to windy (35kph) for a fire
Sunday woke to a very nice day..still windy but not raining now..was 5am.. mid-morning the cloud started building up..but by 3pm the wind had eased enough to light the little choofer and sit by it till 8pm..
We been cooking on the Weber baby q ...Friday was chicken roast...Sat was pizza...tonight was home made sausage rolls
Monday woke to a lovely day.. actually had a t-shirt only day...Rosie did some clothes washing ...while I drilled more holes in the choofer as it wasn't drawing that well....CFA appliance came in and out today

Tuesday woke to a very cloudy day that didn't improve ....tonight we cooked baked potatoes on the hot coals from the choofer... didn't turn out too bad

Wednesday ..lovely day..Rosie went for a walk around the lake today and managed to photo a pair of blue bonnet parrots...I tried my luck metal detecting but no luck with my new detector...need to learn how to use it
Thursday...same thing day...
Friday...been here a week today..

Saturday......Rosie did clothes washing today...hope it drys for Monday
Sunday.. crappy day spent most of it inside the van
Monday...woke to a nice morning but it came over cloudy with 2 spots of rain for whole day...was starry night by the a fuel tanker semi..CFA quick attack unit ...and police car came in ...not much other excitement

Tuesday ...crappy morning..overcast with 45kph winds..stuck inside today... finally lite a fire around 4pm only to dump it and go inside 4:30pm..light rain
Wednesday...was spend packing up what was not needed...and sitting by the fire using the last of the wood collected...packed up the annex/awning too
New mirrors and aerial for new 80ch UHF radio fitted

Thursday... packed up what was left and headed home...found Walpeup Lake so had a look and added it to future trip spot to home around 2:30pm...planning next trip in October

Thursday, 30 May 2019

May Group Silo Art Trip

May Silo Trip

Left home heading to West catch up with TravellersChat Group doing the Silo Art Trail...they started the 6th of May..we are catching up with them at Greens Lake Corop.
Staying the night at Wooroonooks amenities were well appreciated..
Met 2 solo lady travellers ...

Stayed another day...still wet..met another solo lady traveller

Left this morning heading east to Sebastian Oval a tiny little town of approx 100 people who have opened up their 150 year old sport facilities for caravanners to park on their oval.  Next to the oval is the horse racing training track.  We were able to watch as the horses were trotted around the track while being secured behind their owners ute

With the weather improving, we stayed another day and lit up our small choofer for its first time.  We had neighbours who we nick-named Pinky because their six wheeler ute had pink rims, pink number plate and most of their items were pink. 

We left early and headed to Corop via Elmore to Greens Lake where we were to meet up with the group a day early.  We found a spot, set up and enjoyed the sunshine before enjoying a stunning sunset.

We had the morning to ourselves relaxing before the members of the group started arriving after lunch and setting up themselves for the next couple of days.  Gathering around a fire for happy hour and meeting new faces and hearing of their travels.

Still at Greens Lake, where some of the members were still repair minor problems with their vehicles.  Again another fire which some used to cook their dinner.

We left Greens Lake and headed north to Rochester to see the silos and get fuel.  Travelling through Rupunyip to see their silos then to Murtoa to visit the Stick Shed.  An amazing big building made during the war to store the excess grain.  The plan was to stay at Logan Pub in the Scrub but on arrival, the area was not big enough for our convoy of 9 vans so we moved 10klm further on to Kooreh Hall which had plenty of room for us all with a fire pit.

Today we moved to Brim getting fuel again in Warracknabeal on the way. So many vans already there so were able to park in back blocks in the sand on power. Happy hour around the camp fire again tonight.

Today we were supposed to be at Hopetoun but we decided to stay on at Brim. 2 of the group left to go there while the rest of us stayed back.

The rest packed up and headed up to Hopetoun today but we stayed where we were for another night hoping to meet up at Patchewollock tomorrow.

Change of plans so we headed to Green Lake while the group stayed at Walpeup and then made their way home.  We were pleasantly surprised on arrival to see the lake full of water and some work done on the amenities.  We had a campfire.

Lit the campfire early and did some metal detecting (found a dessert spoon) while Rosie went for a walk around the lake.

Chatting with the neighbours, we were told that on Saturday there would be an engagement/wedding held at the community hut, so we decided that we would move on tomorrow to avoid all the noise.

Packed up and headed out and tried to find Walpeup Lake without success so headed to Patchewollock to view the silo and railway station.  With the weather closing in, we decided to head for home.

Some Silo Art