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Tuesday 7 June 2022

May Trip 2022

Trip May 2022

Tuesday  3rd May day1
Left home 7:30am took different route ..meadows.Strathalbyn/Callington too the highway...arrived at Lake Ratzcastle around 1:20pm...had a campfire but rained overnight ..I saw what I thought was a black plastic rubbish bag fly away from the Pajero..turned out to be the spare tyre cover ...bugga

Wednesday 4th day2
Woke to rain that was on and off all day..clearing to have a fire tonight..Rosie cooked a chicken on the Weber Q for dinner a local farmer who stops and chats..I asked him to keep an eye out for the cover...well he left and 30mins later returned with it...Thanks Cliff

Thursday 5th day3
Woke to freezing cold morning outside temp 0.6c in van was 2c ... fairly nice day till 4pm then it rained and became cold again..not that it was warm at 13c ..we had a campfire but it was too wet to sit next to it..tomorrow might be same ..couple chaps helped saw up some wood..for tonight but it got wet...was water logged around the van for awhile 

Friday 6th day4
Woke this morning to totally fogged in..when that cleared we had about 1 hour of mostly blue sky then by 4pm the sky went black..we decided that's it in the van we go..chicken roast on the Weber Q tonight

Saturday 7th day5
It's been one of those days...rain off and on..just cause Rosie did some clothes washing..was a stary night by campfire..Steve turned up tonight.. haven't seen him since the table roll over last year..good to catch up with him

Sunday 8th day6
Mother's Day rang Mum all ok ...been overcast all day no rain but no stars tonight..Rosie cooked sausage rolls on the Weber Q tonight..campfire it's warm 15c

Monday 9th day7
Bit boring day today...this arvo a wallaby past us while sitting by campfire..about 4mtrs away...this arvo I decided to have a shower at the was sun last few days didn't help

Tuesday 10th day 8
Woke to 0.6c outside and 2c inside the van...we have a 4lt icecream container with 50mm of water in it to wash hands on vans drawbar...the water was frozen this morning...another wallaby just hang around campsite tonight about 30mtrs away....on our own tonight...used my new Ryobi chainsaw today worked well on softer stringy bark

Wednesday 11th day 9
Been overcast all day...raining neighbours again tonight..been burning lot wood not much else going on

Thursday 12th day 10
2 neighbors tonight...been a very stormy cloudy day...Cliff said we had 5.6mm rain overnight ....lot of wallabys and Roos about early this morning plus 5+ emu's too..campfire going all day...actually been boring day
Friday 13th day 11
Nothing much of a day..Rosie did few clothes washing...not a great day for it.made a string Line to hang it on under our awning ...3 lots here tonight

Saturday 14th day 12
A cloudy day no rain..all 3 neighbors left by 10am and we are on our own tonight...couple wallaby close in the dark tonight when we were by campfire

Sunday 15th day 13
Cloudy day then partly sunny then 3pm rain...Rosie cooked a roast pork on the Weber Q and I did potatoes in alfoil on the campfire between rain showers
Saw emus on the dry lake today but no wallabies today

Monday 16th day 14
We started packing up ready to travel 180klms to go shopping then find a place with power for few days...if busy it could be back to Ratz who knows...2 neighbor's tonight...raining and very cold wind...stay indoors tonight

Tuesday 17th day 15
Well we left LR this morning..and headed to Warracknabeal ...stocked up on groceries  and headed to Home Hardware to get gas cylinders refilled they weigh them first...then on to an auto electrician to get a new deep cycle battery $350 fitted...then on to Brim but too many headed back to LR a 355klm round for how long who knows

Wednesday 18th day 16
Cold day..raining then sun comes out then rain again..tonight too cold to be by campfire 7c out 11c in van

Thursday 19th day 17
Started out nice day though it was only 1c out and 2c in van..not hard to stay in bed bit longer...but by lunch time the sky was dark and icy winds...only others here are couple in van way over behind the fishing but...too cold to be out tonight
Friday 20th day 18
What a lovely day woke to 1c temp but blue sky...even had a warm shower this arvo..not much happening today...sat by campfire tonight looking at the stars

Saturday 21st day 19 (Federal Election Day)
Another blue sky day...1c and that was in van..spent the day by the campfire..15c was the temp new neighbors tonight 
Sunday 22nd day 20
Another blue sky day...was 5c in van this morning...bagged wood to take with us Tuesday to Hynes...we need power for few days while weather turns bad
Saw 1 wallaby tonight

Monday 23rd day 21
Today it was a tidy up day ready for tomorrow trip down to Hynes
Rosie did some clothes washing ...tonight we had a lady twitcher (bird watcher)
Ask about a bird she had sound of ...Steve turned up said his byes as only he does

Tuesday 24th day 22
We packed up and were on the road by 8:35am grabbed few things from Goroke IGA and fuel and headed to Hynes..on the way we detoured to look at Clear Lake...camping area...were here by 11am...140klms

Wednesday 25th day 23
Today started out ok but very windy lunch we already had 2 mm and still coming down no chance of having a campfire in and out but no it's just us tonight...good to have power..the heater working well

Thursday 26th day 24
Yep today is my birthday...good grief 69 ....crappy weather...spent most of it inside the van

Friday 27th day 25
Rosie did clothes washing while I got the chainsaw out and cut some wood up from trees dumped out back...then split them with logsplitter ...foggy morning..then blue sky

Saturday 28th day 26
Well it started out foggy again then cleared then blue then cloudy all stars tonight..this is day 5 here and still no one else here ....a young magpies been entertaining us most of the day...rainbow and scally lorrakeets been noisy and a mob of kangaroo's about 20 keeping sheep company in paddock next door ...rain forecast tomorrow     

Sunday 29th day 27
 Wasn't too bad a day 3pm it was 11c out by the campfire so we headed in to the van rain and a starry night...couple cars visited but again no neighbours...that's none since we came here


Monday 30th day 28
Rain all day..stuck in the van..well at least we have power if only to keep tablet and phones charged...only went out for dash to the loos ...thinking Wednesday might be heading home day.. depending on the weather

Tuesday 31st day 29
Well I'm so over this trip weather...stuck in our small van 3 days and seeing the next 10 days are going to be wet we have decided to head home tomorrow...we were due to be home 13th but just not fun in wet..I'm glad we moved to Hynes when we did on power been a max was 4.5c outside van all was 20c with our little electric fan heater 

 Wednesday 1st day 30
We left Hynes 7:45am this morning...getting home 3pm...been long day in the saddle..."numb bum" packing can wait till tomorrow....
 This trip is now over...29days camping

Monday 10 May 2021

April trip SA and Victoria

 April trip south

Monday 5th day 1
Left home around 8am...arrived at Black Cockatoo bush camp about 12:30 pm..set up and parked where we used to at front paddock next to the dam

Tuesday day 2
Was relaxing day ...Rosie cooked a roast chicken and vegs on the Weber Q for dinner then we sat by our folding campfire

 Wednesday day 3
Another warm day...had a spikey visitor bit sunburnt too

Thursday day 4
Not a happening day ...Rosie did some clothes washing this morning  ..still warm day...but started raining 7:30pm...we were going to leave tomorrow but we put the wrong day on the Covid state border permits it's now Saturday trip to Victoria


 Friday day 5
Just sat around most of the day...Liz the owner joined us with afternoon tea..
Police did a raid on one of the campers 2 police vehicles

Saturday day 6
Wet morning pack up ...then into Naracoorte to get fuel...met Bill a CFS member I have been chatting to many years on FB...then headed over the border Lake Ratzcastle...parked in our usual spot...but wind and rain wasn't great

Sunday day 7
Very windy and cold and showers so spent all the time in the van

Monday day 8
Woke to a lovely day...watched family of Emus on the dry and 6 young
Tonight we alfoiled some spuds and roasted them on the campfire along with meat loaf done on the Weber Q ...Rosie did a load of it was sunny

Tuesday day 9
Terrible weather today...tonight Rosie cooked pies in the Weber Q ..saw couple kangaroos neighbours tonight

Wednesday day 10
Woke to a nice morning ..but that didn't last long...wet and wooly day...saw couple wrens that had white markings ...potato bake tonight in Weber Q neighbors again tonight...stormy out so no campfire tonight

Thursday day 11
Still no one here tonight...had a campfire...

Friday day 12
Excitement of the day was Rosie washing clothing and trying out the cold showers that were actually warm

Saturday day 12
Reasonable nice day...the wrens kept us busy demanding we supplied them dead fly's ...yes we have a neighbor ..down in the swamp

Sunday day 13
Crappy day ...but we had visitors ...Steve and (finally met his wife) Marina for happy hour that turned into dinner..Rosie made a pork roast...but in the dark sitting at a picnic table it rolled over and visitors and dinner ended up on the ground...with extra's we managed to have a meal...but was short lived with rain starting..on that note our visitors headed home...

Monday day 14
After cleaning up last night's mess ...we started packing up the canvas and putting gear away..home ward bound tomorrow ...but after some thought we have decided to extend the trip and head north to either lake Watchem or Green lake we will find out when we get to Watchem 

Tuesday day 15
Packed up early this morning only to have it pouring rain while we were...we headed north to warracknabeal where we got fuel and grocerys then took wrong road to Watchem but got there eventually only to see it onward we travelled to Green lake below Sea was busy but got into same spot last time we were toilets at bottom and a grumpy we decided to stay one night on power

Wednesday day 16
Packed up and decided we will head back to lake ratzcastle ...back to Warracknabeal get fuel again and refill gas cylinder at Home hardware ..they actually weigh the cylinder and you pay the difference...after another 270klms we arrived back at Lake....seems like it was only yesterday we were

Thursday day 17
Been very overcast today..fine misty showers off and on...had a fire tonight and baked spuds on the hot coals....4 lots turned up's raining tonight...we managed to sit by the fire for 40mins before retreating to the van 

Friday day 18
Not lot happening today Rosie did some clothes washing but it's been dark sky and misty rain...all day but tonight sitting by campfire it been a stary night...
5 caravans left this morning ...finally by ourselves...didn't last long...5 more tonight


 Saturday day 19
Been cloudy and light showers all day...tonight there 14 vans in and it's quiet  many have dogs.....we sat by a campfire till almost 8pm then headed inside as it was very cloudy and might rain

Sunday day 20 ANZAC Day
It's been a cloudy day next to no rain at all and no far there is 16 here tonight...a couple we have met here before couple times arrived this arvo he built his own caravan

Monday day 21
10 left this morning..they left us with a week's supply of cut wood...7 still been overcast but no for dinner tonight cooked on the Weber Q

Tuesday day 22
Well it turned out to be a very nice day....Rosie did some clothes washing..prob last time this trip as we are due home Friday...spent few hours with Steve the caretaker...we have known since 2013 first time we came here...campfire tonight..lot of wood given to us by those that left...already have 2 bags full to take home

 Wednesday day 23
Not much happening today...people come and go...2 lots tonight..makes 5 all up ..campfire going all day...was cool day

Thursday day 24
Same thing..people leave more turn with a camper trailer ...couple with a caravan and us all with pajero's tonight ....
Packed up unused things...ready for tomorrow trip home...been here 2.5 weeks

Friday day 25
Early pack up home to sort out the van and projects to be done

Thursday 27 August 2020

Eyre Peninsula Trip July 2020

 July trip  SA locked borders

Sunday 26th
We finally got to go away this time Eyre Peninsula with group from Travellerschat forum

We headed to a place to stay at Weeroona Bay Whyalla arriving around 1pm..few vans here but expecting 5 more from the group to arrive tomorrow..$10 night for piece of dirt I thought was bit power or toilets etc

Monday 27th
Waited for others to arrive but only 3 turned up

Tuesday 28th
10am and we were all on the road...this time we had a look at Cowell wall art then to their RV campsite..another $10 a night for not much...I think going to Victoria has spoilt us..campfire tonight

Wednesday 29th
Spend day just chatting to group...put up new shower/toilet tent that hangs off the side of the car...hmmmmm it's bit short for me..had few comments we know what your doing..etc...tomorrow we are heading to Arno Bay hotel at rear

Thursday (had a brake at Port Gibson and Port Neil) 30th
Tonight we are at Arno Bay...we have taken a non powered site at a caravan park while the rest of the group are across the road behind the pub that's ok if you have a self contained RV we would been there too if our porta potty clamps had not both broken just for extra $5 night we get hot showers and toilets too...$15 night non piccies as they all on my camera..will post them soon....tomorrow it's Tumby Bay

                                                                   Arno Bay

                                                   Port Gibson

                                                             Port Neil
Friday 31st         
    Well we are at Tumby Bay area camping area just before the town...$7.50 pn min 2 nights if you stay then you get 4 night's... rest of group are going sight seeing...we will stay behind 

Saturday 1st August
Still here ..will be for 4 nights...everyone out but us..though it's good sometimes just to sit back and enjoy the quiet...Rosie went for a walk to town only 2.5klms..wash day today

Sunday 2nd
Rang to see how Dad was going...seems lot better but long way to go ...Rosie went to town again today to get news paper..not much else happened here...others went site seeing again..

Monday 3rd
Others out again..we still started out looking crappy but got better as day wore on..but started light showers ..this  evening...problem is we are getting new shower tent tomorrow...and the potti is still hidden amongst the trees...going to get wet using it...tomorrow is Port Lincoln for us..then to Coffin Bay then out to Farm Beach to stay

Tuesday 4th
        We left early this morning to go to Port Lincoln ..managed to get another shower luck getting a porta potty ..but old ones still working...we headed to Coffin Bay ...had coffee break ...had a look around..then headed out...only few klms down the road the group were coming into CB so we had to travel to the intersection turn around and head back to join the rest ...after lunch break we all headed to Farm Beach where we are staying couple days       

  Wednesday 5th

Farm beach has toilets and cold showers for 2 nights...not far from the ocean ...Pearcey turned up


Thursday 6th
..on to Walker's rocks today got fuel at 2 nights...had a fire in the little folding fire bbq pit

Friday 7th
Weather was crappy today...only 1 toilet $10 night... Rained from 3pm Annex wall we put up was wet to Streaky bay tomorrow

Saturday 8th
Packed up wet...went back to Ellison to get gas cylinder refueled then to Colton ...we sight seeing T caves and Murphy haystack...then to Streaky where we went and stayed at the island caravan park $32 night powered...others went to Haslam...we will meet up with them all tomorrow


                                                          Murphy's Haystack

                                                             Talia Caves


                                                                       Streaky Bay

Sunday 9th
Well after packing up and managing to get the car and van from being jack knifed off the site we headed to Haslam where the rest stayed..met up with them but decided that it wasn't worth setting up shower tent and porta potty for one night so we headed to Smoky bay beach front CP.. $30 we should meet other on way to Ceduna

Monday 10th
Left Smoky bay and headed to Ceduna staying at A1 caravan park $22 night powered..very old ...needed upgrading at first site but turned out nice amenities .... rest well!! 

Tuesday 11th
We went for a walk around town as Telstra died phone or internet got a bottle of booze per customer then found 2 camping stores, one got gas cans other we bought a porta potty $149 that with new shower tent should set us up...CP septic blocked so we said we couldn't stay with stink so we leaving tomorrow

Wednesday 12th
Packed and left early and 90klms away we are staying at Wirrulla Camp ground all pretty new .power and new amenities $15 night with hot showers too ...had a fire tonight 

Thursday 13th
Still of the group arrived today.... tomorrow we are heading to Pildappa rocks..another fire tonight

Friday 14th
Yep arrived at Pildappa rock for 2 a drop toilet not far from us...some climbed it...I didn't..but took plenty pics

Saturday 15th
Still here...had a fire tonight...tomorrow it's Wudinna for fuel then on to Lock then Cleve

Sunday 16th
Yes did those plus another rock camping place...tonight we are at Cleve oval...trying to clean off most of the mass of mud collected in and out of Pildappa rock


Monday 17th
Well couple of our friends left for home this morning..we are joining one other couple in sight seeing...then onto Kimba

Tuesday 18th
Here at Kimba..still have battery problems so went to see Venning Auto Electrical almost at the rear of the RV park...thorough test of both car and van found 2 blown fuses..and replacing cars 7 pin plug seemed to solve the problem..we were very surprised to see the amount we had to pay....and would recommend them if needed

Wednesday 19th
Woke to another written weather day...we decided we had enough and packed up and headed home...5.5hours/500klms...arriving home around 2pm

Would we do the trip over there again? Yes but maybe earlier in year better weather then hopefully