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Friday, 25 October 2019

Lake to lakes October

West Victoria trip  lake to lakes October

Arrived at Lameroo CP just before mid-day ..staying night then going to look for old school sites from 1880s

Thursday day 2
Packed up early and headed north out of town to find 4 old school sites... didn't find first 2 then came across one not on the map...then found 2 more plaques but no actual site..only one we found with foundations and tank stands.
Then got fuel at Pinnaroo then over the border and on to Lake Walpeup ...arriving just before lunch...apart from cars coming in and out we are only ones staying here tonight

Friday day 3
Still here..many people coming in have showers then leave...8 campers here tonight...looks like we will be here for weekend

Saturday day 4
Still here...same as and out...last couple days it's been 34c inside our caravan
Sunday day 5
Rosie did some clothes washing ....power around the district was off so no water in toilet block...met so many people while here
Monday day 6
Packed up and headed south to Brim but got upset with an self appointed caretaker in a bus and little car with Jim on it..he wouldn't let us park where we we fuel and headed towards Birchip but ended up at Lake Watchem toilets with power..problem there is no real level places for our little van
Tuesday day 7
Very cold and windy day today
New toilet block
Wednesday day 8
Woke to 3c and everything's frozen...a young lad got a rude awakening
while sleeping in a swag on the lawn area when the auto sprinklers started around 6am....still cold wind here...leaving tomorrow
Thursday day 9
We left Lake Watchem and called into Warracknabeal IGA and then headed to Lake Ratzcastle arriving mid morning ...set up and met neighbors
Friday day 10
Rosie did clothes washing..spent day chatting to neighbors
Saturday day 11
In the afternoon I spent some time metal detecting...found some rubbish..then a leaf brooch and a 1942 florin..

Sunday day 12
 was spent sitting by camp fire watching the weather...people leave more arrive...cooked potatoes wrapped in foil on the hot coals
Monday day 13
Rosie washed the smalls today...hung on a makeshift when sun comes out..tried metal detecting again..found a 1940 roo penny
Tuesday day 14
Went looking for a quarry near the boundry fence...found what we thought it was...

Wednesday day 15
Rosie went hunting for the 1960s gun club target trench...found it by a man made sand hill

Thursday day 16
Weather been wet and windy and cool..not much happening..people come and go..we started packing move tomorrow

Friday day 17
Well we left Lake Ratzcastle this morning and were on the way to Lake Tchum but ended up at Lake Watchem ...were here 8 days ago...been 50kph winds all 9pm and none
Saturday day 18
Same thing..people in then out...spent most of the day watching ducks and other birds

Sunday day 19
3 kids came in..played with kayaks ...then trashed new toilet block..."why ohh why" leaving the men's room flooded

Monday  day 20
had the place to ourselves ...tonight millions of bugs suicide into the lake at sunset...not seen that before...

Tuesday day 21
Same as other days except tonight we had to dil with speed boat and crying kids...goord I must be a grumpy old bum..tomorrow we head home going to be a warm trip home 37c they say

Other pictures

Wednesday headed home ....arriving there 6.5 hours later

Catch you next trip

Saturday, 31 August 2019

West Victoria trip August

West Victoria trip August

We left home Wednesday morning headed east to Lamaroo but place was busy so we headed east to Walpeup but again it was on to Patchewollock where we set up in the continuous rain and wind
Thursday the weather still was crap..sitting in the middle of the old school oval in such a and night

Friday morning had enough so moved on to Green Lake ...only on arrival to find our fav spot taken so we set up by the lake...on power
Saturday it was still very wet and windy...I been collecting fallen branches for fire ...but it's just to windy (35kph) for a fire
Sunday woke to a very nice day..still windy but not raining now..was 5am.. mid-morning the cloud started building up..but by 3pm the wind had eased enough to light the little choofer and sit by it till 8pm..
We been cooking on the Weber baby q ...Friday was chicken roast...Sat was pizza...tonight was home made sausage rolls
Monday woke to a lovely day.. actually had a t-shirt only day...Rosie did some clothes washing ...while I drilled more holes in the choofer as it wasn't drawing that well....CFA appliance came in and out today

Tuesday woke to a very cloudy day that didn't improve ....tonight we cooked baked potatoes on the hot coals from the choofer... didn't turn out too bad

Wednesday ..lovely day..Rosie went for a walk around the lake today and managed to photo a pair of blue bonnet parrots...I tried my luck metal detecting but no luck with my new detector...need to learn how to use it
Thursday...same thing day...
Friday...been here a week today..

Saturday......Rosie did clothes washing today...hope it drys for Monday
Sunday.. crappy day spent most of it inside the van
Monday...woke to a nice morning but it came over cloudy with 2 spots of rain for whole day...was starry night by the a fuel tanker semi..CFA quick attack unit ...and police car came in ...not much other excitement

Tuesday ...crappy morning..overcast with 45kph winds..stuck inside today... finally lite a fire around 4pm only to dump it and go inside 4:30pm..light rain
Wednesday...was spend packing up what was not needed...and sitting by the fire using the last of the wood collected...packed up the annex/awning too
New mirrors and aerial for new 80ch UHF radio fitted

Thursday... packed up what was left and headed home...found Walpeup Lake so had a look and added it to future trip spot to home around 2:30pm...planning next trip in October