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Thursday, 27 August 2020

Eyre Peninsula Trip July 2020

 July trip  SA locked borders

Sunday 26th
We finally got to go away this time Eyre Peninsula with group from Travellerschat forum

We headed to a place to stay at Weeroona Bay Whyalla arriving around 1pm..few vans here but expecting 5 more from the group to arrive tomorrow..$10 night for piece of dirt I thought was bit power or toilets etc

Monday 27th
Waited for others to arrive but only 3 turned up

Tuesday 28th
10am and we were all on the road...this time we had a look at Cowell wall art then to their RV campsite..another $10 a night for not much...I think going to Victoria has spoilt us..campfire tonight

Wednesday 29th
Spend day just chatting to group...put up new shower/toilet tent that hangs off the side of the car...hmmmmm it's bit short for me..had few comments we know what your doing..etc...tomorrow we are heading to Arno Bay hotel at rear

Thursday (had a brake at Port Gibson and Port Neil) 30th
Tonight we are at Arno Bay...we have taken a non powered site at a caravan park while the rest of the group are across the road behind the pub that's ok if you have a self contained RV we would been there too if our porta potty clamps had not both broken just for extra $5 night we get hot showers and toilets too...$15 night non piccies as they all on my camera..will post them soon....tomorrow it's Tumby Bay

                                                                   Arno Bay

                                                   Port Gibson

                                                             Port Neil
Friday 31st         
    Well we are at Tumby Bay area camping area just before the town...$7.50 pn min 2 nights if you stay then you get 4 night's... rest of group are going sight seeing...we will stay behind 

Saturday 1st August
Still here ..will be for 4 nights...everyone out but us..though it's good sometimes just to sit back and enjoy the quiet...Rosie went for a walk to town only 2.5klms..wash day today

Sunday 2nd
Rang to see how Dad was going...seems lot better but long way to go ...Rosie went to town again today to get news paper..not much else happened here...others went site seeing again..

Monday 3rd
Others out again..we still started out looking crappy but got better as day wore on..but started light showers ..this  evening...problem is we are getting new shower tent tomorrow...and the potti is still hidden amongst the trees...going to get wet using it...tomorrow is Port Lincoln for us..then to Coffin Bay then out to Farm Beach to stay

Tuesday 4th
        We left early this morning to go to Port Lincoln ..managed to get another shower luck getting a porta potty ..but old ones still working...we headed to Coffin Bay ...had coffee break ...had a look around..then headed out...only few klms down the road the group were coming into CB so we had to travel to the intersection turn around and head back to join the rest ...after lunch break we all headed to Farm Beach where we are staying couple days       

  Wednesday 5th

Farm beach has toilets and cold showers for 2 nights...not far from the ocean ...Pearcey turned up


Thursday 6th
..on to Walker's rocks today got fuel at 2 nights...had a fire in the little folding fire bbq pit

Friday 7th
Weather was crappy today...only 1 toilet $10 night... Rained from 3pm Annex wall we put up was wet to Streaky bay tomorrow

Saturday 8th
Packed up wet...went back to Ellison to get gas cylinder refueled then to Colton ...we sight seeing T caves and Murphy haystack...then to Streaky where we went and stayed at the island caravan park $32 night powered...others went to Haslam...we will meet up with them all tomorrow


                                                          Murphy's Haystack

                                                             Talia Caves


                                                                       Streaky Bay

Sunday 9th
Well after packing up and managing to get the car and van from being jack knifed off the site we headed to Haslam where the rest stayed..met up with them but decided that it wasn't worth setting up shower tent and porta potty for one night so we headed to Smoky bay beach front CP.. $30 we should meet other on way to Ceduna

Monday 10th
Left Smoky bay and headed to Ceduna staying at A1 caravan park $22 night powered..very old ...needed upgrading at first site but turned out nice amenities .... rest well!! 

Tuesday 11th
We went for a walk around town as Telstra died phone or internet got a bottle of booze per customer then found 2 camping stores, one got gas cans other we bought a porta potty $149 that with new shower tent should set us up...CP septic blocked so we said we couldn't stay with stink so we leaving tomorrow

Wednesday 12th
Packed and left early and 90klms away we are staying at Wirrulla Camp ground all pretty new .power and new amenities $15 night with hot showers too ...had a fire tonight 

Thursday 13th
Still of the group arrived today.... tomorrow we are heading to Pildappa rocks..another fire tonight

Friday 14th
Yep arrived at Pildappa rock for 2 a drop toilet not far from us...some climbed it...I didn't..but took plenty pics

Saturday 15th
Still here...had a fire tonight...tomorrow it's Wudinna for fuel then on to Lock then Cleve

Sunday 16th
Yes did those plus another rock camping place...tonight we are at Cleve oval...trying to clean off most of the mass of mud collected in and out of Pildappa rock


Monday 17th
Well couple of our friends left for home this morning..we are joining one other couple in sight seeing...then onto Kimba

Tuesday 18th
Here at Kimba..still have battery problems so went to see Venning Auto Electrical almost at the rear of the RV park...thorough test of both car and van found 2 blown fuses..and replacing cars 7 pin plug seemed to solve the problem..we were very surprised to see the amount we had to pay....and would recommend them if needed

Wednesday 19th
Woke to another written weather day...we decided we had enough and packed up and headed home...5.5hours/500klms...arriving home around 2pm

Would we do the trip over there again? Yes but maybe earlier in year better weather then hopefully