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Thursday, 26 November 2015

November 11th Last trip this year

November 11th Last trip this year

Wednesday Day1
We headed off early a different way...this time through Milang to Langhorne Creek..over the ferry at Wellington...down through Meningie then across to Coonalpyn then down to Bordertown

We had a look at the free camp area by the lake but it was just to noisey with train and semi's so we headed towards Mundulla to find a camp area called Jimmies Waterhole...but couldnt pin point it as GPS said we arrived but all we found was a very small triangle area along side the main road so we decided to stay the night at Mundulla oval...hoping not to meet up again with the locals we dealt with last time.
To their credit they had fixed the toilets nicely ...we set up staying the night.

Thursday Day2
We headed out early and headed south again...this time stopping at Western Flats.....very nice setup......all to neat...might be busy so we continued SW to the Oval........was very dry and with no power.....we ended up back at Lake Ratzcastle...set up only to find the lake was now bone dry.

Friday Day3
Over night there were many campers...that left this morning...more came in that night

Saturday Day4
same as old chap with a old caravan parked near us...spent lot of time chatting with him over the next 4 days

Sunday Day5...Monday Day6
                              no campfires this trip...gas or heat beads

Tuesday Day7
in the afternoon a 4x4 towing a large van arrived ...only to find it was Hugo and wife in their brand new Island Star caravan..a great evening was had chatting about the Lake Eyre trip

Wednesday Day8
Hugo left early to beat the continuing heat and Graeme (the old chap) head off too........leaving us all by ourselves.
Late evening I felt it was going to we packed up the awning and annex canvas and put things away that might get was still very hot in bed but by midnight it did start raining...a quick close of windows

Thursday Day9
since we were mostly packed up we decided that we will head home, as more rain was forcasted...on the road by 7:30am and home by 1pm

this is the last trip for this year

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Upper South East SA Trip

Upper South East trip

Sunday 25th Oct Day1
We left home around 7am..trying to beat the nornal weekend traffic...heading down the Coorong to Narrung Campground..found a spot and set up....but the wind didnt let up...first thing we noticed was the new toilet block with walk ramps.....another was a new building next to the lighthouse

Monday 26th Day2
Still windy...lot of the campers left early...trying to find a sunny spot out of the wind was hard as it changed directions frequently campfires here

Tuesday 27th Day3
We have had enough of the wind.packed up and head down to Meningie then accross to Coonalpyn then to Tintinara got fuel then headed from Keith to Pathaway to Cockatoo Lake...last time we visited there the lake was full....on arrival the main gate was closed with a sign stating "due to fire management please use other gate" so we went up the road around the lake to other entrence then down a bush track...only to have to navigate ruts and deep holes......over dry creek beds...finally to the main area...only to find most of the Lake empty.....set up...near a concrete fire pit.

Wednesday 28th Day4
Chatting to neighbours...we discovered we were next to them camping by River at Swan Reach week earlier...put together our smokey joe weber so Rosie could cook meals using heat beads saving gas..I worked on an idea if I put the hot heat beads in an old cake tin with holes and bring it above the tent pegs that hold the campoven..we could cook breakfast on the spinners lid....worked well ...a ute with a wedge top camper turned up late and chatted with us..

Thursday 29th Day5
Been hot last few is no exception ...last couple days there been a young magpie hanging around us up in lot of trouble with other magpies...but still hang around...Avan turned up late...

                                   Loved Rosies flipflops

Friday 30th Day6
Same as days before..(Avan left early)....chasing any shade we could find....late in the day a ute towing a big van turned up...turns out was Kim a Admin from Caravan Forum...nice couple

Saturday 31st Day7
Kim left early...same as days before...watching fishermen all day and into the night...Rosie did the clothes we been watching the weather and it been stormy looking.....forcast says Monday will be nasty...A couple turned up late afternoon.....a early poptop kedron....on their way around Oz to Tassie


Sunday 1st Nov Day8
We packed up early and were on the road......headed wet in places...but got home safely....I changed the setting on our HEMA6 from easy to short.......and it got us home without too much arguments this time....always says to go through Crafers ...but we go through Strathalbyn and it insists we turn right at every corner to go back......not this time...

Depending on the weather we might head south again this week..only home cause Rosie was asked to work at her old place she worked where she retired from 2 years ago...on Tuesday ...Melbourne Cup day