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Thursday, 21 August 2014

August Trip SE of SA and Victoria

August Trip SE of SA and Victoria

Wednesday 6th Day1
Left home around 7:30am headed down to Naracoorte..getting there lunch time.....then headed to Dennis & Therese so Dennis could help me make a campfire pit via Munn Engineers that took most of the rest of the day

Thursday 7th Day2
Left Naracoorte Showgrounds ($20 night powered) and headed east to Baileys Rocks..set up and lite a fire...(measured their firepit its 250cm high...I made ours 400cm...)
State Parks Ranger was doing some concreting and told us about some bush camps.and also said use as much fire wood as we wanted as the area was going to be burnt soon

Friday 8th Day3
collected more firewood and spent most of day relaxing....set up the green privacy screen come shower tent.....tried it out using the 12v water pump shower set...only had it like 4 years...never used it

                                                      The new privacy shower tent

Saturday 9th Day4
2 lots of visitors came and one chatted

Sunday 10th Day5
Had shower early and made up the green shower tent when dry...people came in and out all stayers except us whole time we were there

Monday 11th Day6
Left Baileys this was freezing even the pajero was iced over...headed south to Casterton for grocerys from Foodworks then we checked several camp sites but all were continued down to Narrawong CP for couple days ($27 night TT members rate)

Tuesday 12th Day7
Rosie did clothes washing this morning... then we headed out to Heywood to visit Tess and hubby......then bought lunch at the Local Hotel....then to IGA for extra food......then headed down to Portland got diesel at $145.9 ltr then had a look at Aldi...then back to Narrawong

Wednesday 13th Day8
We decided to stay extra night so we could catch up with another Forum member....we waited and waited by late morning we hadnt heard anything from him so headed off to Port Fairy......having a look at camping spots on the way....we had a look at Yambuk Lake CP...not bad spot if weather was kinda..then on to Pt Fairy had lunch by a River then looked at Fitzroy River Road camp area..on way home....bit wet underfoot.....but put on our bucket list for future places to stay....he rang tonight.we had a chat anyway

Thursday 14th Day9
We left Narrawong this morning and headed north to Hamilton where I got fuel and Rosie got some more grocerys and then headed up through Cavendish up to Glendinning Camp Ground on the Rocklands Resevior
arriving we realised there wasnt much level spots to camp....after at least 1 hour we found something close and set up...turned out a great day with blue skys

Friday 15th Day10
Woke to another freezing morning...but another beaut day.......a chap rolled up as we were cooking dinner and supplied us with a pile of fire wood....we been spending the best part of the day collecting fire wood..this was very appreciated from a total stranger

Saturday 16th Day11
woke to another nice day only to see it come in cloudy..most of the day...but didnt rain....was cold evening so we retired to the van early...only to see stars out around 7:30pm...........same same thing as always..collected firewood...took pics of the water

Sunday 17th Day12
Woke to a bright sunrise....but cloud built up for most of the day....the wind was cold too
lot of people came and went today..
                                               Ice all over the Pajero most mornings
Monday 18th Day13
Cloudy day.......very cold...the motorhome that arrived the afternoon we did....left this morning
We spent time looking at other possible spots to park in future...then spent the day close to the fire

Tuesday 19th Day14
We packed up and were on the road by 7:45am and headed through Harrow then slightly bypassing Edenhope heading to Frances.... where we had a look at Lake Bringalbert for future stay....wasnt bad but wind off lake was chilly
Got home around 2:30pm..long trip back......but will be doing it all again in 10 days or so...when we do the COG at Lake Ratzcastle