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Friday, 22 November 2013

Our SE Trip of SA November

Wednesday 6th November

Very hot day....ended up at Narrung..left Friday morning after 40 hours of rain...
headed to Hillsview CP Millicent

 Narrung by ourselves

HillsView CP

  Saturday we did day trips to Robe then Beachport then down to Southend.then back to Millicent

 Robe's Obelisk

Day 5
Sunday...most of the other campers with dogs have left today....we spent couple hours at Millicent Museum this afternoon

 tomorrow we are back on road to who knows where????

Day 6
Today we moved on.........Had a look at Tantanoola rest area.then onto Mt Gambier show grounds at $20 night powered but was bit onward we went..Stopped at Dartmoor..looked at Sawpit campground (free) staying at Narrawong CP near Portland Victoria

Day 7
Spent day at Portland.........bought a weber smokey joe.....and tried it out cooking dinner..little pasties

 Cape Nelson Light House

Day 8
Headed north to Hamilton had a look at an extinct volcano Mt Napier....Mt Eccles ..Lake Surprise Campground and McArthur ending up at Cavendish

Day 9
Still here

Day 10
Left Cavendish this morning....had a look at Nigretta Falls and Warron Falls (suppose to free camped here but was too uneven ground).......then headed over the Boarder back to SA..staying tonight at Penola CP..... tomorrow who knows

Nigretta Falls
Wannon Falls

Penola CP

Day 11 Saturday
Left Penola today first looked at a place 3 klm south......then headed East back into Victoria to Bailey's Rocks campground...there were 2 big jayco 23ft caravans and a tent there when we arrived.......Cooked on a campfire tonight

Day 12
We are still here but others left mid afternoon........cooked dinner on campfire

Day 13
woke to foggy morning and a very hot day..walked around the ROCKS before it got hot......35c in fire tonight

Day 14
It was a non event day today.....we collected wood for a fire tonight but decided it was to windy and stormy looking to lite one....packed up around the van and retired early

First there was one then there were two

Day 15
It was stormy looking over night....We packed up and headed off to Naracoorte to catch up with friends..Dennis and Therese.....Dennis made a extention collar for the weber....we finally got on the road around 3:30pm...and headed home getting there about 8:15pm

Thursday, 24 October 2013

West Victoria Trip 3

Day 1 Friday 11th October

Left home around 9:35am...arrived at Mundulla Showgrounds about 1:45pm.....$15 night powered parked near the toilets...nice place
Tomorrow who knows where

Day 2
Left Mundulla today..went to Frances camping there as far as we could headed east over the border to Lake Charlegrark...set up only to find out later from the caretaker its $25 a night powered site....this place is so run down wouldnt pay any more than $10 night powered as thats all its worth..we are only staying one night.....after spending the day listening to jetskies and speed boats up and down the lake with no regard to any others safety...most didnt wear tonight its a wild party up the other end of the Park...loud music etc
Tomorrow it could be Goroke CP...hope its better than here...also I lost a bolt off the arm of my camping chair today

Day 3
Arrived at Goroke CP today......just in time as it rained off and on all day with strong wind...might stay couple days..we are only ones here...its run by the APEX Club...very tidy and newish

Day 4
Still at Goroke CP......went to IGA store one corner they had a hardware a nut for the bolt for my chair..all fixed till next time..bought 2 x 10 can boxes of kirks drinks $3.99 each...Rosie used the little twin tub to wash some clothing ...we strung a line under the camp kitchen ...only dry place here.
Been raining off and on all day...with sunny times between.....I hope its better tomorrow as we are off to Lake Ratzcastle in morning...with no power there...last night it was bloody freezing...glad we had the little fan heater going.

Day 5
Arrived at Lake Ratzcastle......lovely day.bit breezy but fine...tried my luck at fishing....I think I'll make a better racing car driver....Rosie cooked dinner in a campoven and desert too

Day 6
Windy day..not much 6pm...wind picked up....I had a shower it was freezing with wind howling pass my knees.....anyway by the time I got back to the van...wind was close to 75kph.....we packed everything away and headed inside..11:30pm the storm struck......heavy rain/hale/lightning..didn't let up...

Day 7
by 9am we had enough and got out and headed 100klm back to Hynes campground...still raining on and off...but we got power and internet and phone coverage..not sure how long we will stay here

Day 8
Went for lots of walks rear the Reservoir today.......very windy today...but calmed this afternoon .....gotta put up with loud music coming from the fishing club..tonight
While weather is OK........might head SW to Coleraine tomorrow

Day 9
Cavendish today

Day 10
Well the weather looked bad but turned out warm but overcased ...but the day was ruined anyway......16 MotorHomes CMCA took over the place ....rude people.....I'm sure they stole power and hadn't paid...well we are moving on tomorrow

Day 11
well we desided not to travel today.......been wet all day...the CMCA lot left mid it was back to just us plus a couple in a MH that stayed yesterday..not CMCA members...They closed the unisex showers to men and re-opened the ones next door......bit old but they worked tonight...

Day 12
We left Cavendish this morning..headed through Coleraine.onto Casterton...then north to Naracoorte....dropped in to Bailey's Rocks campground......after lunch.headed to..Lucendale then out to Highway and stay'n at Padthaway CP $28 night powered

                                                              Bailey's Rocks campground
                                                       Padthaway Caravan Park
Day 13
We headed home today

Friday, 20 September 2013

Flinders Ranges Trip

Flinders Ranges Trip........starting the 2nd September

Left home 5:30am today..arrived 10:30am...staying at Wilmington couple nights...

$20 night powered site

Day 2
Tuesday Burnie and Shirley turned up from Murray Bridge...we were hoping to head off tomorrow

Day 3
Sat around...getting used to the 35+c days....far cry from West Victoria trips

Day 4
Left Wilmington Thursday 5th and FREE camped night at Warren Gorge

We did back roads to a lot of old historic sites..staying the night at Flinders Ranges Caravan Park $28 night powered..on tomorrow to Rawnsley Park


Day 6
Arrived at Rawnsley Park ($34) in morning set up then headed out touring the district for the rest of the day
(1)   Rawnsley Park Lookout
(2)   Cazneaux Tree
(3)   Sacred Canyon Aborigine Engravings (had lunch on way out under pine trees)
(4)   Hux Lookout
(5)   Stokes Hill Lookout
Rawnsley Lookout
Sacred Canyon

From Stokes Lookout
Tomorrow it could be Angorichina ..........or Alpana

Day 7
Left Rawnsley Park around 8:30am.....headed through Flinders Ranges Wilpena NP....then on to Alpana Station Homestead $38 night onsuite powered... we shared... so worked out $29 per couple
Had our first campfire tonight....Shirley and Rosie cooked dinner in campovens...we are booked here for 3 nights as Burnie wants to take us exploring next couple days
Alpana Station ensuites

Day 8
Got an early start and headed out to Chambers Gorge..about 70klm away....back to camp 2pm
tomorrow could be out to Brachina Gorge

Chambers Gorge

Day 9
We headed into the Mine then out to Nuccaleena Mine......that was a rough trip..4WD all way.............then on to Glass Gorge.....getting back to camp around 2:30pm.....had a campfire tonight....Rosie cooked meatloaf and pudding for desert
Tomorrow its  Angorichina for tyres for Burnie's van and fuel for us...then find a FREE camping spot at Parachilna Gorge

Blinman Mine

Nuccaleena Mine

Day 10
we are now staying/Free camping in the Parachilna Gorge......Got fuel today at Angorichina Village Diesel was $179.9 per ltr
Rosie cooked steak and kidney and mushroom pies in campoven tonight

Day 11
Still here........some light rain today..just  made the dust on the van turn muddy

Day 12
Left the Gorge this morning and headed up to Leigh Creek..where we did some grocery shopping then headed about 4klm out of town to Copley CP...$28 night powered
Tomorrow we head out to look at Old Beltana and Sliding Rock......finally today we have phone and internet

Day 13
Today it was out to Beltana and then on to Sliding Rock Mine.........also we spent some time exploring the old Ghan rail line......amazing how they built so much only to have to remove it then rebuilt it miles away

Sliding Rock Mine
Old Ghan Station on way to Beltana
 Tomorrow its back to Hawker CP then out to Wilpena Pound next day......ending our Flinders Ranges Trip...

We might explore some places near Port Germein on way home

Day 14
Back at Flinders Ranges CP Hawker.......just spending rest of day relaxing......this morning..we used a DUMP POINT.....not a pleasant job …

Day 15
Off early this morning to explore Wilpena Pound...very wet trip....couldnt see much when we got there

On way back to CP.......we stopped at Pugilist Lookout and had lunch up there...very high up and stormy

Then we stopped just out of Hawker and climbed Jarvis Hill Lookout.....very scarey as it was windy and light rain

Looking down to Hawker
Tomorrow we are heading back to Wilmington......couple days maybe if weather improves

Day 16
Back at Wilmington.......for 2 nights then home we go
Day 18.........we are home

Now to plan our next trip ???