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Thursday, 6 April 2017

West Victoria trip first for 2017

Day 1 Wednesday 22nd March
We finally headed off to was crappy......but we have already waited 2 days to get away.
Decisions which way to go....will work it out when we reach Tailem Bend..well we headed south instead of Lameroo.......head winds all the way and dark skys...ending up at Lake Ratzcastle........left overs for dinner tonight
Day 2 Thursday 23rd
Woke to a hot 35c humid day
The area where we normally camp in the swamp was still flooded ..and grass was 400mm high
We got chatty with a couple from Portland who had caravan near the toilet block..telling us of some camping places they been too..........Rosie cooked roast chicken on choofer Mk11..tonight.....with out the lid on it

Day3 Friday 24th
Another hot and humid day....Rosie tried cooking egg and bacon in taco boats for my breakfast........worked ok
Day4 Saturday 25th
Another hot and humid day and windy too..Rosie did washing and hung it on our new clothes airer...we met a couple that built their own caravan....told couple shooters off for even thinking of firing their guns....Lake the only lake in the area no shooting allowed duck middle of breeding season

Day5 Sunday 26th
Weather turned crappy......more people came and went.......Steve surprised us by turning up on his horse.....looked at home on it ..LOL..we thought of packing up and heading back into SA

Day6 Monday 27th
we packed up early and headed south to Edenhope to auto electrition to get a 35amp fuse that hopefully will fix the 12v battery problem in van and car...Solar panels been keeping them charged but the car one seems not to hold charge...........well got that done...had a look at Apsley on was through......not that great......ended up at Naracoorte Show Ground ($20 night powered site...caretakers now on site) while on power I tried out my new battery charger on the car showed 13.1v but the full charge light on charger didnt light..

Day7 Tuesday 28th
Left the Show Ground and headed to Cockatoo Lake only to see it busy and people shooting at the lake so after doing 68klms today we ended up at Black Cockatoo Bush Camp ($20 night non power) instead of parking near the dam as we always do we went over the hill and set up near a shelter.....had a camp fire in a old brake drum...and watched the dark cloudy sky..Rosie did clothe washing

 Day8 Wednesday 29th
Wet day not a great day.....Liz showed us photos taken of camp area flooded taken Monday 20th......tossing up whether to go home day early
Day9 Thursday 30th
We stayed on but had most things packed...early morning was nice but storm clouds came in.....I was wondering if we made good choice in staying......but we had some good periods and turned out clear skys tonight by camp fire..
Day10 Friday 31st
Packed up early and was on road by 7:40am.....getting home around 1:15pm

Have a list of things to fix or change......after all said........this was first trip since last October