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Thursday, 20 October 2016

October trip Victoria

Friday 30th September Day 1
Left home about 8am...headed to Milang via Finnis...only to see water over the road at Finnis....thought better report it to Allan....on arrival to his place ...his place was under water too at Milang...he had pumps going...but wasnt on to Langhorne Creek.........but we couldnt even get there as roads were closed and in front of us was a sea as far as you could see.turned around and headed to Strathalbyn...on to the Callington Road...but again came accross flooded through...and headed to Lake Ratzcastle....we worked out we been here 14 times since July 2013....on arrival...our spot was taken by we camped near the entrance

Saturday 1st October Day 2
We set up the triangle top corners that gave us grief when it rained...we cut up a tarp...and with the little clamps we bought before trip...and guide gave us shelter...worked quite well
Rest day was collecting fire wood for the flat pack fire pit....Rosie cooked full chicken roast in campoven
Sunday 2nd Day 3
We met Keith and Judy...fellow members of Caravanners Forum..
chasing fire wood today
Monday 3rd Day 4
spend day waiting on a friend meet up with us...but due to weather he decided not to visit
Had a look at the swamp area...wooooow has it filled in just over a week since we were last here
Tuesday 4th Day 5
The day was crap as always....we had planned to move on today...but stayed on as wind wouldnt let fire tonight....but yep wouldnt you was starry night

Wednesday 5th Day 6
Left Ratz early and headed through Horsham....then on to Warrackmabeal where we first called into Mitz dealer to check out why one the dash 4x4 lights werent working...was told get it fixed when back in Adelaide...nothing seemed broken...then get some extra food and fuel then on to Brim
Got to one else here...had place to ourselves for 2 nights... no internet as we some how used 6.7GB of our 8GB allowance.........B&**d# Windows 10 new laptops
Thursday 6th Day 7
Very hot of bluest of skys ....had dinner at Pub...parma night....had a campfire when we got back
Friday 7th Day 8
Warm day but cloudy...more arrived....but plenty room about....another fire tonight
                                                                   new cover over playground
Saturday 8th Day 9
they come they go....but this time they bought local ferrals all after noon and into evening the drunken bums were trashing the place...ladies couldnt go to showers with out males following them and banging on the doors
someone rang police...and after arriving the noise went quiet
We had a fire tonight....still no internet...might play games on laptop..........Ohhh! yahhhh!! my laptop is new no  games on it yet
Sunday 9th Day 10
Up early about 6:15am...helped a chap parked up the hill pick up broken bottles and empties...what a mess....the ferrals came back later to clean up some things and break camp...a police car patrolled the place during the day
2 ACC members parked next to us blocking the chap with the Jeep and jayco van that was close to us....I wasnt happy...but what can you do realy???
We are heading to Wychepoof tomorrow
Monday 10th Day 11
Left Brim this morning....headed through Wychepoof.
first port of call was the Bakery for some of their famous pies...then on to the Caravan Park..$20 night powered
afternoon saw us roaming the main street only to get very wet getting back to the van...later a van turned up on our right..then one on our going behind a tree tonight Grrrrrr!!!
Tuesday 11th Day 12
I had a shitter of a night...couldnt stop reaching up blood due to coughing....what a mess...stayed on bed most of the day...freezing in morning...swetting in arvo...Rosie went for a walk in the afternoon climbed a lookout
Off to Green Lake in morning...hope I'm better

Wednesday 12th Day 13
Still feel crappy....but we packed up and headed toward Berriwillock...passing through one flooded town after another...arriving at Green Lake....had the place to ourselves for few hours...local Shire worker arrived and cut grass with ride-on..
Thursday 13th Day 14
woke to a great sky....collected wood....Rosie went for walk to find old town...found oval thats all....I spent most day asleep on bed....still croking
Friday 14th Day 15
another lovely day weather wise...campfire tonight

Saturday 15th Day 16
Rosie did washing...went for walk....prob 27c today......I still havent got over this flu....coughing big time..campfire tonight
Sunday 16th Day 17
Woke to a problem....the toilet/shower block...pressure pump water in toilets or showers...I rang Shire...worker turned up agreed and said will get it sorted tomorrow...PP died....well tonight a local farmer came to have a shower and said the bottom block has died too....nothing working down there either............Hmmmm!!! whats going on...both blocks out??

Monday 17h Day 18
Rang Shire in morning....didnt seem interested...Ohhhh Well!!!!
Had a fire tonight...burnt up the wood we had in bags only to see it pour down most of the night...
                                                                           Goanna climbing tree
                                                                             baby noisy miners

Tuesday 18th Day 19
Woke to a very wet morning pack up....and headed to Sea Lake to get few groceries then across to Patchewollock where we are staying the night...powered $15...sharing the place with maybe 10 vintage trucks...been roaming Victoria

Wednesday 19th Day 20
Home today

Monday, 26 September 2016

September in Victoria

Yes we were back in Victoria at Lake Ratzcastle from 11th to 22nd
As always it was raining most part was the Lake was now full after 15 months of drought and it dried up
Cant believe the Lake was empty when we were here last July.
The locals visited us every day...some even 3 times a day.....just there to see how much water had added to the Lake  looking at the water level stick
Every day was similar ....sitting by the layflat fire pit...when we could...gathering fire wood.......getting meals cooked in campoven......boiling water in the coffee pots...out of 11 days there...there were only 3 others there for 1 of the time we were on our own as campers.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July to Victoria

Monday 18th Day 1
After a short visit to Home of 12Volt Mt Barker...we headed to Victoria
Arriving at Lake Ratzcastle and setting up in our usual spot...set up our new flat pack camp fire pit..
Weather was as usual crappy and took couple days to actually cook a meal in camp oven..a full chicken

Wednesday 20th Day 3
I got the portable gas cooker out and Rosie cooked many meals on it but wasnt happy with the under grill didn't work that well..especially toasting bread
2 ladies set up a campertrailer by the lake today

Friday 22nd Day 5
The weather was getting worse...I suggested to Rosie that we leave tomorrow and head to least there was she could have a heater going

Saturday 23rd Day 6
We packed up and were on the road by 8:15am...headed to Goroke CP only to find 3 tents and a campertrailer had taken over an area 8 caravans would have used...was pointless staying so we headed to Horsham...then to Warracknabeal got fuel and head to Green Lake just below Sea Lake...we been there many times with at least 15 power poles we should find somewhere to camp
We arrived and had the place to ourselves for few hours till 2 buses arrived with at least 25 teenagers from a school...staying over night in the dorms behind us..they were all well behaved.....(noted I didn't see a smart phone amongst any of them)...I have never seen so many tumble weeds covering the area...I had to clear 2 tracks through then so we could get to the amenities building

Only excitement:
Sunday a painter came to fix the dorms..asked him if he knew someone that could fix the washing machine the coin tray was stuck...machine didn't work
Monday an electrician came and fixed the washing machine...we got free load of washing for that
Tuesday he was back fixing the lights on top of the power points
Wednesday a Council worker came to clean the toilets...was telling me that he seen what he thought was a black panther in the area....I been looking into that and seems they been spotted from the Gippslands to Wattle Range in SE SA
Wednesday late afternoon a older couple with a A van..after looking around parked about 10ft from the campfire pit and first thing they did was connect hose to the only tap near us...I was not happy Jan..they must have heard me raving on and later disconnected the hose

                                                                         Pies for dinner
                                                                 2 meat loafs looking good

Thursday 28th Day 11
We packed up.......and headed homeward ...thinking we would break up the 680klms trip at Lameroo CP but by the time we arrived the weather turned nasty so I decided to continue on...worst part of the trip was Langhorne Creek ...the area was flooded and roads too.....I nose dived in to a deeper area on the road and water went over the windscreen and roof basket...totally making viewing not existing......we got out and made our way home getting there 2:15pm

Now to plan an August trip