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Friday, 20 September 2013

Flinders Ranges Trip

Flinders Ranges Trip........starting the 2nd September

Left home 5:30am today..arrived 10:30am...staying at Wilmington couple nights...

$20 night powered site

Day 2
Tuesday Burnie and Shirley turned up from Murray Bridge...we were hoping to head off tomorrow

Day 3
Sat around...getting used to the 35+c days....far cry from West Victoria trips

Day 4
Left Wilmington Thursday 5th and FREE camped night at Warren Gorge

We did back roads to a lot of old historic sites..staying the night at Flinders Ranges Caravan Park $28 night powered..on tomorrow to Rawnsley Park


Day 6
Arrived at Rawnsley Park ($34) in morning set up then headed out touring the district for the rest of the day
(1)   Rawnsley Park Lookout
(2)   Cazneaux Tree
(3)   Sacred Canyon Aborigine Engravings (had lunch on way out under pine trees)
(4)   Hux Lookout
(5)   Stokes Hill Lookout
Rawnsley Lookout
Sacred Canyon

From Stokes Lookout
Tomorrow it could be Angorichina ..........or Alpana

Day 7
Left Rawnsley Park around 8:30am.....headed through Flinders Ranges Wilpena NP....then on to Alpana Station Homestead $38 night onsuite powered... we shared... so worked out $29 per couple
Had our first campfire tonight....Shirley and Rosie cooked dinner in campovens...we are booked here for 3 nights as Burnie wants to take us exploring next couple days
Alpana Station ensuites

Day 8
Got an early start and headed out to Chambers Gorge..about 70klm away....back to camp 2pm
tomorrow could be out to Brachina Gorge

Chambers Gorge

Day 9
We headed into the Mine then out to Nuccaleena Mine......that was a rough trip..4WD all way.............then on to Glass Gorge.....getting back to camp around 2:30pm.....had a campfire tonight....Rosie cooked meatloaf and pudding for desert
Tomorrow its  Angorichina for tyres for Burnie's van and fuel for us...then find a FREE camping spot at Parachilna Gorge

Blinman Mine

Nuccaleena Mine

Day 10
we are now staying/Free camping in the Parachilna Gorge......Got fuel today at Angorichina Village Diesel was $179.9 per ltr
Rosie cooked steak and kidney and mushroom pies in campoven tonight

Day 11
Still here........some light rain today..just  made the dust on the van turn muddy

Day 12
Left the Gorge this morning and headed up to Leigh Creek..where we did some grocery shopping then headed about 4klm out of town to Copley CP...$28 night powered
Tomorrow we head out to look at Old Beltana and Sliding Rock......finally today we have phone and internet

Day 13
Today it was out to Beltana and then on to Sliding Rock Mine.........also we spent some time exploring the old Ghan rail line......amazing how they built so much only to have to remove it then rebuilt it miles away

Sliding Rock Mine
Old Ghan Station on way to Beltana
 Tomorrow its back to Hawker CP then out to Wilpena Pound next day......ending our Flinders Ranges Trip...

We might explore some places near Port Germein on way home

Day 14
Back at Flinders Ranges CP Hawker.......just spending rest of day relaxing......this morning..we used a DUMP POINT.....not a pleasant job …

Day 15
Off early this morning to explore Wilpena Pound...very wet trip....couldnt see much when we got there

On way back to CP.......we stopped at Pugilist Lookout and had lunch up there...very high up and stormy

Then we stopped just out of Hawker and climbed Jarvis Hill Lookout.....very scarey as it was windy and light rain

Looking down to Hawker
Tomorrow we are heading back to Wilmington......couple days maybe if weather improves

Day 16
Back at Wilmington.......for 2 nights then home we go
Day 18.........we are home

Now to plan our next trip ???