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Friday, 27 March 2015

West Victoria March 2015

March 15th 2015
Sunday 15th...on the road 6:30am....anxious as this is our first trip since the van been raised....not a problem at all...we arrived at Mountain Dam ..on the Rocklands Reseviour about 1:45pm..about 7 hour trip...525klm
Found a level spot that turned out to be very close to where we were last October....looking at the water we couldnt believe there was none .closest being a good 1klm away

                                                      Rosies walk way to get water
Monday 16th Day2
Started filtering the water today..Rosie had to walk miles to get it after building a walk next to water edge so she didnt sink in the mud
Stormy today....suppose to be hale too tonight...(fizzed out)
Cooked roast chicken in campoven on choofer

Tuesday 17th Day3
My foot is still killing me ...its so swollen...Rosie found an old walking stick in back corner of our pajero to use...DEPI came here but went out to check water level then left

Wednesday 18th Day4
Rosie washed clothes
5 kangaroos came either side of us while sitting outside in dark looking at the stars...Rosie cooked chicken pies in CO tonight

Thursday 19th Day5
Anne & Lloyd owners of brand new Jayco road package came tonight...we all chatted till after dark.till got too cold....DEPI came again...checked Res then put some new toilet paper in loos and left

Friday 20th Day6
Rosie washed clothes
We put up the green shower tent today
Roast Pork in CO tonight

Saturday 21st Day7
Woke to gun-fire as today is start of Vic duck season
we set up shower tent with pump...powered by the purple jumpstarter...we both enjoyed a good shower...over the dayly splash & dash
Couple came in late afternoon...the lady (helen & Rob)...told us the just came from Lake was bone dry

Sunday 22nd Day8
some shooting early then lot vehicles leaving this morning
warm day today...we both have sunburnt faces...2 ladies in a white ute with a Trayon camper turned up in afternoon

Monday 23rd Day9
A grader came in to use the loos....driver told me the road in was impassible to get out to Cherrypool and best get out Wednesday via Balmoral...I told the ladies who already were going to go via there to get to Hamilton

Tuesday 24th Day10
Spent day packing up the shower tent and cooked meal on the choofer and used what wood we had collected for an early start...wednesday as it was suppose to be stormy weather and we might not get out

Wednesday 25th Day11
Well we packed up and headed off the road to Balmoral was a bone shaker...corrugated..but no sand traps... we were told the Cherrypool rd was bad..we lost track on the kangaroo count on way out....I was getting low on diesel so we thought we would get some a Balmoral...but wasnt any.....the GPS....sent us to another planet ...but Rosie found our way via map book...we headed north thinking we could get fuel at Natimuk...but none on to Horsham..I think the pajero must been running on fumes as we now done 160klm..on less 1/4 tank towing....we paid $129.9lt and got 87 ltrs...not bad as the pajero only holds 90ltrs
Fueled up so we headed west....first stop was Dimboola CP..but wasnt great place at $30 a night next stop was Nhill CP $24..seniors discount.. powered...stayed the night...heading home tomorrow

Thursday 26th Day12
left Nhill this morning and headed home....getting home around 1pm ...unpacked and getting ready to head off again next Wednesday for Easter