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Thursday, 30 June 2016

June trip to the gold country Victoria

Wednesday 1st June Day1
Left home this morning was dark sky and foggy...staying tonight at Murrayville CP...shock price went from $9.90 to $18 night powered site for 2 ppl......theres 2 new cabins and new BBQ and Fire Service storage tank ...they also have fire hose red boxes now

Thursday 2nd Day2
Early start leaving Murrayville about 8am....very foggy and cloudy morning.....212klms trip to Green Lake about 12klms south of Sea Lake.......been here several times before $20 night powered with toilets and showers...we had a campfire tonight....Rosie cooked a pork roast in campoven for one else has turned up tonight only us here

Friday 3rd Day3
Woke to a heavy dew morning that turned overcast by lunch tried to rain most of the we set a campfire going by 3:30pm we had campoven going cooking meat loaf...had it finished in time (4:30pm) to see rain start pouring down
Glad we are on power ...could reheat in microwave dinner time...Over night the fridge freezer packed it

Saturday 4th Day4
another wet damp day.....Rosie did a load of washing in the laundry $3 load......hung it out on line only to see it drizzle all day...luckly there was also a tumble drier at $2 get most dry.......I spent most of day looking at an old farm house ruin..hoping to find some hidden treasures but no luck....a motorhome turned up tonight...parked near us....we move on tomorrow...Fridge temp was 10c all day....frozen meat thawed and icecream turned to milk.......tonight tried fridge on gas working on that so must be 240v element gone

Sunday 5th Day5
We were on the road by 9:45am Vic time......called in to see our friend at Berriwillock ...then headed to Wycheproof where we went to the Bakery on the main road...bought 2 pies....wooow!!! they must been 3" thick....great amount in the curry one the other was mince meat with mash potato on top with bacon pieces on top of that...We are now at Wooroonook Lakes....been here several times before....had a campfire tonight

Monday 6th Day6
Still here....been very wet day and very cold windy one too.....started out nice earlier today.........tomorrow we are heading to Boort

Tuesday 7th Day7
Packed up and were on the road by 9am....was very wet morning....called in to Charlton got extra food and I bought a boot scraper..... fed up trying to get mud off shoes....We headed to Boort only to find the CP there full of cabins........about 80...and room for 8 caravans.......we had a look at the showgrounds but were to wet and slopy but had power for donation..toilets only onward we travelled and ended up at Pyramid Hill...48klms on...after getting lost we came across a little caravan park...$15 night powered site with toilets/showers/laundry...staying here 2 nights..Rosie did load of washing then we went for a walk to Pyramid Hill it self just up the road from the CP

Wednesday 8th Day8
Still here.....woke to foggy morning that turned to drizzle....Rosie went for a walk to the Pyramid Hill again.cause her camera batteries went flat yesterday...Not much action today ...its just too wet.....might stay extra night till weather improves

Thursday 9th Day9
Still here another wet day....Rosie went for a walk to the Hill again...up to summit this time....not much excitement today...old couple stopped in just to ask about our van..thats about it......moving on tomorrow

Friday 10th Day10
Got on road early and headed south to Bridgewater....only to find a CP on to Newbridge...where ppl were camping at rear of oval next to Loddon River...too busy for us so on we went to Tarnagulla...was $5 night..small area by some sort of oval..not level area...onward we came the intersection of several roads has toilets a bbq and water tank...opposite Rev John Flynn memorial...he was born opposite it ...the house is ruins as a peppercorn tree has taken over it...up the road is the WELCOME STRANGER gold nugget was found....

Saturday 11th Day11
Still here...started out beautiful day but by 9am it started raining .and continued off and on all day.....its pretty cold tonight without power....I found what might be a spot near a lake 10klms away at Bealiba Reservoir.....we will have a look tomorrow

Sunday 12th Day12
Left Moliagul this morning...had a look at WELCOME STRANGERS site then headed to Bealida...was too boggy and not many headed north to Melville Caves but struck 50 Orienteering oldies and packed with onward we went...finally staying few nights at Inglewood CP....has ensuites $30 night powered

Monday 13th Day13
We woke to a freezing morning 0c inside the van...nice day so we walked into town...(I bought an old pressure cooker $20) we had a look at all the brickabrat shops in main street the afternoon we had a stroll through the gold diggings behind the CP.must been thousands of miners there seeing all the dirt mounds around just about every tree

Tuesday 14th Day14
Woke to another freezing morning 1c in van...Rosie did washing though you couldnt see her in the fog hanging it out...later she went to the IGA to stock afternoon we went back to the diggings and found a lake we were looking for yesterday
off tomorrow might be back to Wooroonook Lakes for couple days before heading home

Wednesday 15th Day15
Woke to freezing morning..the pajero was iced over.....we packed up and headed off....stopping at Hard Hill Wedderburn to look at camp site....might put it on future stay list.........then headed to Wooroonook Lakes and settled one here all day or evening...we been sitting by a campfire all day...Rosie made pies in campoven tonight for dinner

Thursday 16th Day16
Woke to a wet horrid day that continued all day and evening....cant believe that idiots chucked bottles and cans in to camp fire and then someone removed the drum.leaving broken bottles everywhere...cant they walk 10ft and put them in rubbish bins provided...this behavior will lead to yet another place being closed to campers GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!...Rosie collected a shopping bag full of glass and put it in bin......."why would you do it..what would you say if its your kid that cut their feet cause what you done"
                                                                     chairs and teddy left to rot

Friday 17th Day 17
Woke to another wet horrid day we decided to head home...getting home around 3pm ...very wet trip home via lot of back roads to Dimboola Victoria

Next trip maybe mid July