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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Goldstream Group

Thursday the 6th Dec we headed to Glenpatrick Common near Ararat Victoria
We arrived on sunset set up what we could and spent time chatting to a couple with a Goldstream Crown caravan.
The idea of the weekend was a get together of Goldstream caravan owners and see all the different types available. It was fantastic that the Goldstream Boys... Russel and Ian came..they helped many with questions etc..and handed out some freebies .....Russel also brought a new van to show off their new colour scheme they were introducing.
I'm not sure on exact numbers but I think there were around 21 vans there.
Glenpatrick is a good size camping area with a shelter and flushing or a donation

new van colouring
before you knew it was Monday the10th and time to pack up and take the 8hour trip back home

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