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Thursday, 22 August 2013

West Victoria Trip 2

Yes We decided to return to West Victoria

9th August

Ok......first up today get the van to tyre place...
got to Mitsubishi at Morphett Vale 9:15am after leaving van back home...Mitz fixed computer problems..couldn’t reset radio..we managed to get it working after Tailem bend got new code from Mitsubishi  and alls well...
Got home from Morphett Vale and reconnected van and on road by 10:30am
over Boarder around 2:30pm SA time.....staying tonight Kaniva CP $20 night powered site
not a great day

Day 2
We left Kaniva  and headed south through the Little Desert NP then to Goroke then about 10klm south again to Lake Ratzcastle camping ground.....flushing toilet/hot showers but no power... great area

Day 3
Still quiet ...beautiful weather might head north phone coverage here though

Day 4
Well its day 4...6:30am a storm hit us big time....gale force winds and heavy rain.......packed up and were on the road by...9am.....called into Goroke IGA for couple items...then on to Horsham then to Murtoa where we went to a BP self one pay..then pump works...$156.5 Diesel
Then headed East and are currently at Rupanyup CP $10 night powered showers and flushing toilets.......bit different from last couple days at Lake Ratzcastle...same amenities but was FREE......while here we found a chap who fixed the legs on the choofa/brazier...that fell off last night after cooking dinner at the lake

Day 5
We left Rupanyup CP around 9:35am after another stormy night...awakening to a cold foggy windy day...heading north to Minyip. Had a look at the CP but it was just to windy and most area was disabled parking we headed NW to Warracknabeal..had a look around at the junk stores and headed out to Jeparit CP its $16 a night powered....2 vans one else...both look like they been here a while being a new the rear of the CP there’s a small park on edge of Wimmera river

Day 6
Stormy day most of the day today..Caretaker came tonight took our $32 for 2 nights.......we are thinking of returning to Brim tomorrow hoping it might be more sheltered ...we will see

Day 7
Yes returned to Brim this morning.......beautiful day....Rosie cooked meat loaf in campoven on the now fixed brazier hope the legs stay on this time.....meat loaf was served with mashed spuds and peas and gravy....followed by chocolate. pudding and custard.......pretty good camping tucker.

Day 8
Started out looking great.......had blue sky all day...but the wind was viscus 70kph I'm guessing
We got some mesh free from local hardware shop and I made up a little stand on the A-frame to hold shoes etc. to dry..I hope it stays in place as its only held on by zip ties that are pretty weak
forecast next couple days is bad..whether we stay here or move a $million question

Day 9
We decided to stay here at Brim for started out promising but started raining before lunch....just after we went for a stroll over to the bridge .where I slipped and fell heavy on wet grass that had lot of tree branches hidden.....skinning my leg and bruising a lot of joints...including my bad right a hit mark on my never learns does he.
Its still raining.....4pm

Day 10
Yes we are still at Brim....but any luck tomorrow we might be at excitement today..we went for a walk down main street today only to find everything all closed by 11:30am......been long time since that happened in SA
so another day spent inside the van.....Rosie wants to cook on a fire.....and keep warm by one..she's missing it....B&%^y rain

Day 11
Today we left Brim and headed North to Hopetoun then out to Lascelles...the weather was nasty so we headed up to Ouyen, had a look at the CP there..wasnt the greatest... no level sites and most were terraced at $25 a night...we headed west and are now spending the night at Walpeup at corner of the Mallee Highway and to Hopetoun Rd..$10 night powered/toilets/showers..........4 power points on each of the 2 poles........maybe Underbool tomorrow

Day 12
We went to Underbool this morning..power $10 night..........but its Tuesday and no one can park there as its library day and a semi parks there....I arrived just as it was a bit bigger than mine so we travelled on and now are staying at Murrayville CP....still $10 night powered
on the way we stopped at Cowangie......and visited the Kow Plains Homestead a restored early settlement and mine

Day 13
Still at Murrayville CP......afternoon turned stormy....raining this evening......time to head home...tomorrow an early pack up and on the road

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