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Monday, 22 September 2014

September in West Victoria

West Victoria COG at Lake Ratzcastle then more places

Tuesday 2nd September Day1
We had to be at Home of 12volts Mt Barker around 9:45am to get caravans battery replaced....while there we had the 7pin plug on van rewired.....and eventually got on the road by 11am......getting to Lake Ratzcastle around 3:30pm.....met by Outback Jack...
Wednesday 3rd Day2
Poddy Dodger arrived....spent night by our new campfire pit...spend time collecting wood most of the day

 Thursday 4th Day3
Cactus (Murray) arrived mid morning with Derek arriving late afternoon
Friday 5th Day4
Rick rang early morning to let me know he was on his way....eventually arriving 2:30pm...Burnie turned up around 3pm...all accounted for

                                                        Burnie arrived with fire wood
Saturday 6th Day5
everyone just relaxed and cooked lots of been fantastic
                                                         My new camp fire pit
Sunday 7th Day6
Time for some to head off....leaving only 4 vans left.....lot quieter now...Fathers Day today
Monday 8th Day7
Monday all were packed up and were all on the road by 9am....we got fuel and food at Goroke then with Burnie & Shirley headed to Hynes on Rocklands.on the way had a look at Jane Duff Camp....only to get to Hynes just as gale force winds then later rain.
Tuesday 9th Day8
Woke to crappy morning only to see it turn out nice enough to have a campfire tonight.

Wednesday 10th Day9
Been overcast all day....had a fire tonight only to see all the wood we collected get wet....before it rained we managed to get Burnies campoven seasoned...he has had it 5 years and never used it...I got some info about it for him via the COCIA group......the WKM stands for Wagner Krusty Manufacturers 1891... Wagner Manufacturing Co.. Characterized by heavy, rough-textured castings typical of post-1960s factory automation. Detailed seasoning instructions actually molded into each piece. Sets comprised of a skillet, dutch oven, square griddle, and tea size corn stick pan....Made In Taiwan

Thursday 11th Day10
Left Hynes this morning headed north to extra food/fuel..and went to look for a CO I saw there last trip only to find it was sold.......travelled onward to Brim......there are 7 other vans here luckly we both found power points but not close to each other...might be here till Saturday
Friday 12th Day11
Still at Brim...Rang Mum and she told my she has to have open heart surgery 24th been good today.had a campfire tonight.Rosie cooked chicken in CO.
                                                               Burnie's choofer
Saturday 13th Day12
Still here...nice day today.....heading off tomorrow
Sunday 14th Day13
Woke early to find Burnie in destress as 4am security rang hime to say his alarm went off on his house.........his daughter checked and house was still we packed up and headed east then north to Green Lake near Sea Lake....we been here before....with same cat meeting us tonight...that was here last May..
Monday 15th Day14
Lazy day....nothing much happened......was windy and rain.....had a campfire tonight......with cat for company again
Tuesday 16th Day15
lot of campers today....4 Jap young ones....older couple in a old Lotus caravan and young chap in a whizbanger.....had fire tomorrow
Wednesday 17th Day16
Left this morning......the GPS got us totally lost...but we finally found our way to Hopetoun...where we are staying 3 nights
Thursday 18th Day17
Still here went for a walk around town stopped at Corrong Homestead...took few pics.......had fire tonight next to the lake in fire pit provided

Friday 19th Day18
More walks today......lot more vans turned tonight....Rosie cooked with CO again....Roast last night...stew tonight

Saturday 20th Day19
Left Hopetoun this morning headed north through Walpeup then had a look at MurrayVille CP if they added cabins....they hadnt..staying night at Lameroo CP tonight then home tomorrow morning
Home again.....then off back to Victoria the 1st October if Mum is Ok..

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  1. I'm green with Envy Smokey, you're out there enjoying yourself while I sit here with new reclining chairs in the van and I can't use it..... LOL
    Enjoy it while you can....