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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Victoria Trip 18th - 28th August

Victoria Trip 18th - 28th August

After having our van in the repairers for a month...few minor jobs plus removing the 2 x 4.5kg gas cylinders replacing them with 1x 9kg and a jocket wheel bracket for storage...we finally got it home on the Monday..packed it up again and left home Tuesday morning..heading East...who knows where?

With the weather being wet and stormy we decided when we reach Tailem bend ...we will work out which direction we will head...either East via Pinnaroo or south via Bordertown ..or via Keith down south
Well it ended up being via Bordertown....getting there it was still wet so where to go.Hmmmm??
We headed through Kaniva...then did a sudden right turn and ended up at Lake Ratzcastle.
Now we have been there several times when the weather turned bad and its not a nice spot in high winds and rain. So with that thought in mind we parked up and set up down in the swamp..same spot as before...knowing it was more shelted there.The wind didnt let up...but we were far enough away from the big gum trees to be safe.

Wednesday I dug a fire pit from a used one mounding the sandy soil up pretty high to protect it from Rosie could cook with campovens... I didnt keep a daily report of events happening so the days went like this...breakfast...wood with new neighbours and locals...get rainwater from the fishing hut tank...lunch...then Rosie would go for a walk around the lake... she felt lot more secure with having the new twin portable hand held UHF radios...we got from EMG mags...they worked great.
                                        Oricom UHF Radios
Before you knew it was Monday....we been there 6 we headed off.....up through Horsham to Warracknabeal...where we got extra supplies and fuel and headed up to Brim.


We worked out this was our 6th stay there in 2 years.
Parked in the same spot as we have other with locals and new neighbours..most seem to come from Tasmania...before we knew it was with others we all headed to the Pub for parma night...$18 a big plate and a pod of beer in the price.

Friday and it was time to head for planning the next trip

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