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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

October Cadell

Cadell and along the River Murray

Thursday 15th Oct
Left home early to avoid the to Cadell by 9:30am......found a spot ...bit nasty day 43c...still 34c at 10pm.......Brian and Sharron turned up around campfire tonight to hot and windy
                             2 Pajeros now...Brian got a new caravan

Friday 16th
cooled down some....we spend most of the day chasing shade...still no fire tonight...early night
Saturday 17th
Rick rang to tell me he should be here 9am....I lit the fire around 10am so we could have a cooked lunch..Rosie did small pasties...Rick and Brian cooked up a all day and into the evening we got through a lot of wood..main problem was the fire pit it was so deep...trapping the heat making it hard to judge campoven temps....shared dress up...fancy tie dinner...

Sunday 18th
most of the cooking started after lunch....roasts and chicken legs...shared dinner again tonight evening closed 10pm

Monday 19th
Early pack up.....said our good-byes to the great Caretakers Mike and Margret ...and see you again soon Brian and Sharron and Taj their dog...Rick and Cindy (always fun to be with)
We headed south to Swan Reach.(got fuel at Blanchtown)..over the Ferry to a camp ground....found a spot watching the weather..very hot and dark clouds....we thought we might have the place to ourselves but by 5pm there were 7 other caravans...I couldnt believe some one lit a campfire and it still had 1m high flames at 3am one in attendance and still 28c...about 5pm it rained lightly

Tuesday 20th
We packed up early...and headed south having a look at Big Bend then Nildottie then onto Walkers Flat...where we came across a campground called Hettner Landing.....we would have stayed there but the sky was black with storm threating so we headed home.

Home by do we go away again or start in 2016??

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